Early Black Mountain courtesy of Chris Jones
Left to right;  1. Dr's Office camp  2. Dr's Office  3. Restaurant 4. Confectionary store 5. Theater
Bottom left corner;  Club House Camp
                 1 Sept. 2015
Kenvir Kentucky

KENtucky + VIRginia = KENVIR
Kenvir, also known as Black Mountain,  is located in Harlan County  in Southeastern Ky.

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Kenvir Name List
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  Kenvir Stories - A peek into Kenvir of yesterday.
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Kenvir People Profiles

Carl H. DoddKorean War Medal of Honor Recipient- Modified 12-6-2000

Kenvir History Page

The Kenvir Bobsled Team - Sept 7, 2003

Kenvir Ky. ATV Club Inc  -  May 21, 2009

Previous Kenvir Kitchen Recipes - Copied from old Recipe board

The Music Room

Kenvir Picture Collections

Kenvir Picture Gallery

Jean Ginn 2009 Reunion Pictures

More Harlan County Links Below

Harlan County, USA Full video at YouTube.  1 hr 44min
No longer available.

Brad Paisley - You'll Never leave Harlan Alive

Benham, Ky   -  added Jan 7, 2003

Bloody Harlan - Has chapters of "Hell in Harlan"

County Coal Production- 1998 - added 10-2-2000

 Danny Kirk's Pictures of Kentucky - added 9-15-2000

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall USA

Harlan County's Korean War Honor Roll  - added Dec 17, 2001

Harlan County Stories of Old - added 10-5-2000

History of Coal - added 10-2-2000

Kentucky Coal Mines - Coal Miners Memorial Page- added July 22, 2001

Our Harlan County KY Page - added 10-10-2000

Roger's World - The coal miners of Southeastern Kentucky - added Oct 19, 2002

Take Trip Up Clover Fork - added 10-2-2000

The Kentucky Explorer Magazine

Tons of Harlan County Links - John Owens page



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